High School Open House - September 30, 2021

Below is the schedule for the evening.  Please note the "Current Time" and follow your high school student's period by period schedule. Google Meet links are listed to the right of the schedule for each teacher.  Teachers are following an A day schedule.  If your child has a lab or study hall on an A day, please go to the other class scheduled for a B day that period if there is one.

Current Time:

Time Period
6:10 – 6:20 1
6:25 – 6:35 2
6:40 – 6:50 3
6:55 – 7:05 4
7:10 – 7:20 5
7:25 – 7:35 6
7:40 – 7:50 7
7:55 – 8:05 8
8:10 – 8:20 9

Thank you for joining us tonight for our Virtual Open House.  This is an exciting opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and get an understanding of teacher expectations, course curriculum, and course syllabi.  This evening you will meet briefly with each of your high school student's teachers for ten minute intervals as you move through their schedule. 

We hope you enjoy the night and experience.

Please follow your student's schedule and click on the link for the classroom teacher in the chart below.

Last Name First Name Department Google Meet Link  
Ahl Denise PPS http://meet.google.com/xhc-hzgx-wvc  
Allison Bridget English http://meet.google.com/oox-bwnq-hww  
Battista Lynn PPS http://meet.google.com/ywp-pshw-skt  
Blakely Sabrina HS Nurse https://meet.google.com/omn-njcw-bse  
Bouchard Corinne Music https://meet.google.com/xig-akde-dci  
Boyer Erica Music https://meet.google.com/tkc-anpd-nnc tt
Brown Jillian PPS http://meet.google.com/quj-iqia-how  
Bucher Donald Science http://meet.google.com/osu-bobx-zej  
Burkhardt Jeannine Math https://meet.google.com/aue-axid-ibi  
Calinda S Jason Social Studies http://meet.google.com/pcz-dnua-zie  
Carroll Brittany Music Video Link (teacher unavailable)  
Castle Mark English http://meet.google.com/hab-bsds-rkd  
Chartrand Louis Tech https://meet.google.com/bcm-akvk-fge  
Cohen Wendy Math https://meet.google.com/ved-bvzs-afs  
Colevas Paul Social Studies https://meet.google.com/exr-ugza-ejs  
Connolly Brian PPS http://meet.google.com/dtr-bfpe-xkk  
Conroy Elaine English http://meet.google.com/nfa-yvby-hye  
Curlew Alicia Social Studies http://meet.google.com/pnd-pyra-gta  
DeRuvo Richard Science http://meet.google.com/nqg-bhyg-yow  
Evers Monir Guidance http://meet.google.com/jwq-sdpa-zbw  
Ferraro Aubree Math https://meet.google.com/irk-ntwp-qyd  
Funck Brianna Science http://meet.google.com/yhj-zaoz-fjb  
Gallin Anne LOTE http://meet.google.com/bhj-oxtr-nsc  
Hamilton Shelly Art http://meet.google.com/gmj-eryv-yba  
Harkin Brandon PE http://meet.google.com/rnr-arqw-jua  
Hoyt-Friedman Jacob PE http://meet.google.com/ynr-bqax-ism  
Joslin Rebecca LOTE http://meet.google.com/vrq-mvjx-hyu  
Katz Emily ENL https://meet.google.com/ekw-pdii-ibd  
Keenan Bryan Science http://meet.google.com/pkz-zjsk-xhx  
Knoche Stephen Social Studies https://meet.google.com/tfg-degr-atb  
Loheide Laura English http://meet.google.com/xce-fefy-jxp  
Merritt Cathy PPS http://meet.google.com/uus-ubtm-yqw  
Morra Jessica Math https://meet.google.com/vof-ewck-phg  
Murphy Steven Music https://meet.google.com/vbe-tpou-aov  
Nelsen-Epstein Christi LOTE https://meet.google.com/pdb-ekbs-pnf  
Nelsen-Epstein David Social Studies https://meet.google.com/gep-exdz-azg  
Nguyen Jamie PPS Unavailable. Please email.   
Niewiadomski Blazej Science https://meet.google.com/vce-ezsv-iup  
Occhi Andrew PE http://meet.google.com/duj-dzic-auy  
Osswald Robin ENL https://meet.google.com/aff-icni-jxx  
Perls Robin PPS https://meet.google.com/bgc-ikam-vja  
Pezzello Eric PE http://meet.google.com/mzk-idqm-rfv  
Prutzman Jr Wilbur Business http://meet.google.com/ybv-jojj-ufb  
Rivera Stephanie Math https://meet.google.com/msk-vzdf-nyn  
Robinson Carson LOTE https://meet.google.com/pgb-iazk-efg  
Rushford Michael Health https://meet.google.com/qff-tgyr-qsa  
Schaffer Brian Guidance http://meet.google.com/pbi-rwdw-bzp  
Schenker Maegan Social Worker https://meet.google.com/dmj-oqwm-fbg  
Scherer Rebecca Health http://meet.google.com/ygd-dnfv-fuo  
Sidler Anita Art https://meet.google.com/evn-jvek-rsi  
Smith Sam Guidance http://meet.google.com/wty-sesz-jgb  
Thomas Doris Social Studies https://meet.google.com/skk-iqfo-gqi  
Turck Sarah Guidance http://meet.google.com/npu-ptak-jru  
Via Scott Science http://meet.google.com/tsi-nxvf-ndu  
Wall William Science http://meet.google.com/woq-kyrz-fri  
Weidner Sandra Business http://meet.google.com/unj-vxdr-avb  
Wentland Jennifer Art https://meet.google.com/eco-brzo-ztc  
Wunderlich Brian PPS http://meet.google.com/bza-mdwe-bkf