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June 2022 - Examination Information


Transportation During Regents Week

From June 15th through June 23rd, the high school will be administering Regents exams and various course finals. During this time period, only students who are scheduled for exams need to attend school. The District will provide the regular A.M. transportation to all students. Students who have afternoon exams may ride their normal bus in the morning and wait for their afternoon exams in either the cafeteria or library or may arrange their own transportation to come to school for their exam. Please note that the District does not provide mid-day home-to-school transportation.

The District will be providing transportation home for students who have morning exams only.  This mid-day run will leave the school at approximately 11:30 A.M.  Students who are taking afternoon exams will be able to take the regular 2:40 P.M. bus home. We will also offer a 4:20 P.M. late bus for students who have extended time or who are staying for scheduled after school help.

05/24/22 UPDATE - U.S. History Regents Cancelled
We have a received notification from NYSED that the U.S. History Regents that was scheduled for June 1 has been cancelled and will not be administered this year. As a result, students enrolled in U.S. History Regent courses will take an in-class final exam on June 13th and 14th. Student enrolled in the Advanced Placement U.S. History course will complete a research project which will be used for the final exam.


Onteora High School will be administering several New York State Regents Examinations and course finals from throughout the month of June. Please note the following:

  • On June 1st, the new U.S. History Regents will be administered to all students who are taking U.S. History courses (including A.P. U.S. History). Students will go to their first period classes and will be notified when it is appropriate to report to their testing location. Testing locations will be provided in advance by each student's teacher. June 1st is a regular school day for all students.
  • From June 2nd through June 14th, several teachers will be administering course final exams during their regularly scheduled class time. All students are expected to attend school during this time period. The last regular day of school is June 14th. Transportation to the BOCES Career & Tech Center will remain on its regular schedule through June 14th.
  • Regents examinations, as well as some course finals will be administered from June 15th through June 23rd. However, only high school students who are scheduled to take exams by the course teachers, school counselors, or lead teachers need to attend schools.
    • During the course of the day, students will be permitted to utilize the library and the cafeteria.
    • Provisions to allow students to study and to obtain food during the day have been made.

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