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Advanced Placement & College Course Opportunities

Onteora High School offers students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college-level courses as part of their high school program. Many of these courses have suggested prerequisites but are available to all students.

Each year, the high school faculty and administration determines which courses to offer based on student interest and scheduling/teacher availability. During the 2023-24 school year, the following courses were offered:

Advanced Placement Courses
(Cost:  $98 per exam; $53 per exam for free & reduced eligible students)

College-Level Courses through SUNY Ulster
(Cost: $74 per credit; $5 per credit for free & reduced eligible students)

AP Art 2D Design
AP Art 3D Design
AP Art Drawing
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Environmental Science
AP European History
AP Government & Politics
AP Human Geography
AP Language & Composition
AP U.S. History

Computer Applications in Business (BUS 171) - 3 credits
College Algebra & Trigonometry (MAT 115) - 4 credits
College English I (ENG 101) - 3 credits
College English II (ENG 102) - 3 credits
Intermediate French I (FRE 201) - 4 credits
Intermediate French II (FRE 202) - 4 credits
Intermediate Spanish I (SPA 201) - 4 credits
Intermediate Spanish II (SPA 202) - 4 credits

Taking advanced placement (AP) courses and/or college level courses in high school offers numerous benefits to students. These courses provide a more rigorous academic experience, preparing students for the challenges they will face in college. By taking these courses, students can develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills, which are essential for success in higher education. Additionally, earning college credits through AP courses may save students both time and money by possibly allowing them to skip introductory courses in college. Credits earned from college-level courses through SUNY Ulster are often accepted as transfer credits by some colleges and universities.

Colleges and universities often look favorably upon students who have taken AP or college level courses, as it demonstrates their commitment to academic excellence and their ability to handle challenging coursework. These courses will appear on a student’s high school transcript and the course average will be weighted in the student’s overall grade-point average.  While taking advanced placement and college level courses in high school can provide students with a competitive edge and better prepare them for future academic and professional endeavors, it is always best to check with the student’s school counselor and department faculty to help determine the appropriateness of enrolling in Advanced Placement and college-level courses.