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P.E. Syllabus

Physical education significantly contributes to students’ well being; therefore, it is an instructional priority for the Onteora Central School District and an integral part of our students’ educational experience. High quality physical education instruction contributes to good health, develops fundamental and advanced motor skills, improves students’ self-confidence, and provides opportunities for increased levels of physical fitness that are associated with high academic achievement.  With high-quality physical education instruction, students become confident, independent, self-controlled, and resilient; develop positive social skills; set and strive for personal, achievable goals; learn to assume leadership; cooperate with others; accept responsibility for their own behavior; and, ultimately, improve their academic performance.  Physical education is a state mandated course all four years of a student’s high school career.  Students are required to earn two full credits for physical education (1/2 credit each year for four years), which is calculated into their quarterly GPA.


1.       It is the student’s responsibility to be on time to class.  This means that the student will have to be changed and ready to participate within five minutes from when the bell rings to begin class.

2.       Proper attire for class includes: a full t-shirt (must have sleeves, full neck line, and unaltered waist line), non-restrictive clothes (i.e. non-denim shorts, sweat pants, wind pants) and sneakers.  The clothes may not be the same clothes that a student has worn to school that day or part of a team uniform.  Loose jewelry must also be removed before class.  Clothing must follow the school’s dress code as stated in the Student Handbook.

3.       The locker rooms should be used only for physical education clothing and sports equipment.  They should not be used to store books, food, etc.  Locker rooms are opened before school between 7:25 to 7:35 a.m. for students to put their physical education things in their gym locker.

4.       Students will be provided an assigned locker and lock.  It is the student's responsibility to secure their belongings in a locker.  If a student’s lock is lost or stolen, a new lock will be issued to the student for a $5.00 charge.

5.       NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in the gymnasiums or locker rooms.  If food or drink is brought to the gymnasiums or locker rooms, students will be required to throw it away.

6.       Any student who is unprepared for class has the opportunity to earn up to a half credit by participating in a modified activity at the teacher’s discretion.  If a student chooses not to participate at all, then the student will earn a zero for their daily grade.  A third unprepared and each following one after that during the quarter will earn the student one detention.

7.       All absences other than school-sponsored events (i.e. field trips, athletic events, music rotations) must be made up by going to after school make-up physical education classes held at the end of each quarter or students will not earn credit for that day (no credit = a zero). A lunch time PE make up is also available by making arrangements with your teacher.   Students are limited to one music rotation per quarter.

8.       Students who participate on an Onteora athletic team are required to participate in physical education class in order to be eligible to participate in practice or game that same day.

9.   Gymnasiums and locker rooms are off limits to those students who are not scheduled for physical education during that period.

10.      Students are expected to be present in physical education class each of their assigned days and be prepared to participate. Family vacations and oversleeping are not approved absences.  You must participate in a class to earn the credit.




Participation 75%

Each class students will be evaluated on a 10-point scale.  The student who meets minimal expectations can earn up to an 8. It is the students’ responsibility to earn the two other points by showing exemplary behavior in any of the categories listed below. The evaluation is broken down into five categories:


On-Time, Warm-Up, Attitude/Effort, On Task, and Sportsmanship which are described below:

·            On-Time – Student is to be changed into proper physical education attire and ready to participate when class begins (five minutes after the class bell rings).


·            Warm-Up – Student fully participates in the warm-up exercises that they are asked to perform.


·            Effort – The student willingly and actively takes the initiative to participate to the best of his/her ability.


·            On Task – Student is focused on the class and is participating in a manner that is relative to the unit.  Points will be lost for wandering, standing still, and/or avoiding opportunities to be involved.


·            Attitude/Sportsmanship – Student’s conduct and attitude are considered beneficial to other classmates, fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in winning/losing. Student is respectful to classmates and instructor, appreciates the value of all activities, as well as encouraging and supporting others. 


Assessment 25%

      Each quarter students will be tested on their skills and knowledge of the current units as described below:         


·            Written Tests – Short assessments of the knowledge, rules and strategies.


·            Skills Tests – Physical assessments of skills required in the current unit.


·            Written Assessments – In class and out of class unit specific written assignments.



      Students who are unable to fully participate in physical education class due to injury and/or medical ailment will be provided alternative assignments to earn credit.  If the injury and/or medical aliment will inhibit participation in physical education class for less than two weeks, an in-class alternative will be provided.  If the injury and/or medical ailment will last more than two weeks, a doctor’s note along with a completed medical accommodation form are required.  If physical accommodations are not feasible, an alternative written assignment will be provided.