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School Newspaper - The Talon


Virginia Potter
Managing Editor: Shelby Buryk
Managing Editor: Talula Kirschner
Copy Editor: Oscar Espinoza
Layout Editor: Melanie Milla
Assistant Layout Editor: Nico Stackpole
Graphics Editor: Lily Stoudt

Student Journalists:

Copy Hands:

Graphics and Photos:

Faculty Advisor: Elaine Conroy

Mission Statement

The Talon, Onteora High School’s student-run newspaper, seeks to inform and entertain the Onteora community while raising questions and encouraging dialogue. The Talon is a publication which is dedicated to illustrating the diverse, dynamic demographic of the Onteora District so that others outside of its hallways are able to gain awareness of the student body’s unique perspective. The Talon seeks to eliminate bias within the news it covers, while also ensuring that the lens through which news articles are written is specific to the perspective of Onteora students. Moreover, The Talon offers the opportunity for high school students to express individual ideas and perspectives through editorials. The Talon is open to any and all ideas that are brought forth, and its members strive to create a publication where all voices are heard and all persons feel represented.


DISCLAIMER: The Talon’s Code of Ethics serves to present and make public the ethical guidelines for both The Talon staff and all aspects of our publication. The Code of Ethics is made public so that our audience is capable of holding us accountable if our conduct is not consistent with the ethical guidelines set forth herein.


i- Student Journalists

  • A student journalist is defined as the following: A student who has either presented interest or is assigned to report on a certain topic or event for the specific purpose of providing for The Talon publication. 
  • Student Journalists are not necessarily required to be listed as members of the permanent Talon staff in order to submit articles for publication.
  • Student Journalists must adhere to the deadlines and word count assigned to them by The Talon Editorial Board.
  • Articles may only be published anonymously under circumstances wherein printing the name of the student journalist along with their article could incite danger or harm to said journalist. 

ii- Ownership

  • Once an article has been submitted to The Talon Editorial Board, it is the property of The Talon and the article no longer belongs to the Student Journalist.
    • It is therefore the jurisdiction of the Editorial Board to edit and revise content with full authority and freedom. The Student Journalist will not necessarily be contacted or alerted when changes are made to the content. 
    • The Student Journalist may be asked to meet with members of the Editorial Board if there is an issue with content or if severe changes have been made to the content and the Editorial Board has elected to alert the Student Journalist. 


i- Controversial Opinions Expressed in Articles

  • The opinions published under the Editorial heading of The Talon are the opinions of the author only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Talon staff or Editorial Board.
  • Editorials with the authorship credited to Staff Editorial reflect the opinions of the greater Editorial Board.
  • Controversial opinions found in submitted editorials may be grounds for not publishing said editorials. 
    • If an opinion is deemed too controversial for publication, and if the editorial cannot stand without the opinion expressed, the editorial will not be published.
    • If possible, the Editors will attempt to remove the controversial rhetoric in order to salvage the article.
  • Overly controversial content is defined as: Any content or opinion expressed in an article which may inspire violence or mistreatment toward the author or the public, and may insight a break in social cohesion or disrupt learning. It may also spark debate which is not professional or respectful, but rather derogatory or aggressive. 
    • Overly controversial content includes but is not limited to: crude language, arguments discouraging positive behavior and decorum, rhetoric which demonizes a specific group of persons.
    • Constructive controversial content is defined as: Any content or opinion which may encourage debate and discussion of a certain issue or position. It may criticize a standing or widely accepted belief or opinion without demonizing those who hold or defend the criticized belief or opinion. 


i- Venues of Distribution

  • The distribution of The Talon covers the Onteora School District.
  • Copies are available at Onteora High/Middle School  .
    • These venues include but are not limited to: Bread Alone - both Boiceville and Woodstock, Brio’s, The Sportsman, Sweet Sue’s, Phoenicia Library, Olive Library, Woodstock Library.

ii- Price

  • All copies of The Talon are free 


i- Standing Budget

  • At the end of each school year, The Talon Faculty Advisor and building administration negotiate the budget for the coming year, which is finalized at the outset of the year. 
  • The budget may vary from year to year, but it covers the cost of production of 4,  8-12-page issues of The Talon for that year.

ii- Issue Size and Frequency

  • The sizes and frequency of published issues may vary.
  • The number of pages and quantity printed will determine the price of each issue, and the Editorial Board has full jurisdiction of how to distribute the given resources across a given year’s issues.
  • If an article is rejected from publication: It does not necessarily mean that an increase in page availability will ensure its publication. However, if rejected from publication and specified by a member of the Editorial Board, an article may be stored for future use.


i- Line of Succession 

  • Our editorial line of succession is as follows, from highest role of power to the lowest role of power: Editor-In-Chief, Managing Editor, Copy Editor, Layout Editor, and Graphic & Photo Editor